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Gear list for your three day rafting trip on the Colorado River


Here is your packing list for the Colorado River Rafting trip September 18-20.

Please meet in the lower parking lot under the Hike Shack @5:45 AM.

River Trip Packing List
3 Day Trip
Mummy bag and small pillow
Small tent (or tarp)
Shorts – 2 pair (fast drying)
Light-colored long sleeve shirts – 2 or 3 (for sun protection)
Pants or sweats
Fast drying warm outer layer (Fleece or wool recommended)
Base layer – polypropylene or other wicking type is best
Wool socks
Shoes that can get wet (Chacos or Tevas highly recommended)
Raingear (disposable poncho is fine)
Hat (with drawstring or “leash” recommended)
Sunglasses (with Croakies or other leash)
Sunscreen (twice what you think you’ll need!)
Lip balm
Personal items (toiletries, towel, please no glass containers)
Gloves – optional
Camera (disposable is fine)
Flashlight or headlamp
Bug spray
Water bottle with a handle so we can clip it to the boat (bring it full)
Optional: reading material for the flat water
All your items will need to fit into a dry bag (we’ll provide that) which is about the size of a 30 gallon
garbage bag. We will provide food, pads to sleep on, fresh water, coffee, and tea. No glass containers,
please. Less is more on the river, so pack light.


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