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I Am Discovery Church with Tasha Chinnock


To be honest, I haven’t accomplished much in my life. I haven’t been much of a finisher. I dropped out of college. Twice. I left the mission field early. My marriage didn’t last “til death do us part”, as I intended it to. My kids are pretty amazing, but I can’t take all the credit for that. So when I look at my life and try to see what I’ve done that has made a difference, I look at what HAS lasted. I have some pretty long lasting friendships. And the amazing thing about that is that they almost didn’t last. When I became a Christian in 1999, I alienated a lot of people by being really outspoken and really legalistic. I had a friend tell me that every time she came to my house I blasted her in the face with God. Another friend stopped talking to me for years. My parents were insulted many times by insensitive things that I said about their religion when I was a new believer. I was clumsy and obnoxious when I was learning to follow Jesus. But over the years I have learned to just be myself and love others for exactly who they are, letting God concern himself with the path others are walking. I still cling to Jesus to get me through every crazy life battle I face. But what I’ve accomplished is the ability to walk with Jesus unashamed and let His work in my life speak for itself. I’m honored to still have those friends in my life 15 years later who I initially Blasted. I’m honored that my sister is now walking with the Lord alongside me. I’m honored even further to see a friend who I met more recently come to the Lord and tell me that I helped him to see that God was working in his life. What I accomplished was letting myself decrease so Christ could increase in lives around me.
Tasha Chinnock



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