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Fifty Questions To Answer Before Saying “I DO”


Welcome to an adventure in learning about yourself and your prospective partner!
Hopefully you will benefit from the time invested in filling out this little questionaire. The questions are intentionally hard and yes/no answers are few. But, you get out what you put in kinda like marriage! So please be diligent and please be as honest as you can. These forms are entirely confidential and will be disposed of after use, so feel free to risk it!

May the Lord bless and reward you with a great marriage!


IMPORTATNT:  (Please copy and paste these questions, print them out and answer them. Bring them to your pre-marriage sessions we have scheduled.)

1. How much have you talked about the issues which arise after marriage?

2. Are you a Christian?
Is your mate?

3. Is there any challenge to this marriage? (Divorce, addictions, pregnancy,etc.?) If any, what has been
done about it??

4. What is your understanding of a marriage covenant?

5. What are your temperaments? (i.e., Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic, Melancholy)

6. Why do you want to get married?

7. Do you like each other? ( It is assumed that you are in love.)

8. What irritates you most in your mate’s conduct?

9. Are you gratified by your mate’s manners?

10. Do. you treat strangers better than you treat family members?

11. How do you treat your mother and father?

12. How do you like your prospective in-laws?

13. Are you easily offended?

14. Do you have a sense of humor?

15. Do you believe anyone should help you financially?

16. What is your attitude about the wife working outside the home?

17. Who will handle the ckeck book?

18. Are you going to pool all your resources?

19. How generous are you?

20. What is your plan for spending?

21. What is your attitude towards debt?

22. How will you handle reverses? ( Unemployment, sickness, etc.)

23. Where will you live?

24. Do you know the difference between sex and love?

25. What will you do if you discover one partner is more highly sexed than the other?

26. What books have read on the subject of sex?
On marriage in general?

27. What would you do if you discovered that your mate was romantically interested in another person?

28. When do you plan to have a child?
How many children?

29. What is your feeling about birth control?
Are you well advised?

30. Are you flexible?

31. Do you have same interests?

32. What is your attitude toward household chores and who does them?

33. What do you expect of your mate?

34. What does your mate expect of you?

35. How do you act during confrontation?

36. How does your mate act during confrontation?

37. Do you identify one’s success and/or failure as success and/or failure for both?

38. How will you handle criticism from your mate?

39. Do you believe in careful, sensitive listening?
Are you good at it?

40. Do you believe in talking over matters and sharing in decision making for the family?

41. Do you believe in counselors to help you solve personal problems?

42. What are your long range goals?

43. What are your short range goals?

44. When did you have a physical check up?
What were the results?

45. Where do plan to go to church?

46. How will you treat your religious differences?

47. Are you willing to leave each other to God?

48. What is your concept of leadership in the home and family?

49. If you could change one thing about your mate, what would it be?

50. Do your parents (and friends) favor this marriage?

Have you made all arrangements for the wedding?

Who is in your wedding party?

Where will the ceremony be?

What Time is the wedding and what time is the reception?

Have all the financial plans for the wedding be arranged?

Have you put together an outline of what you would like the wedding ceremony to look like?

us-4 (2)

May God bless as you begin this journey together.

Pastor Steve and Brenda




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