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-“Our minds are so messed up by the the unforeseen journey we had in our past that we cannot enjoy where we currently are.”
-“Disappoint is the land between expectations and reality .”
A symbolic restart
It’s the ragged rough road that wears us out .
Story… The Christmas lights and the restart plug GFI – ground fault interrupter – in my house ( the rain / the struggle ) The last 3 years… The toll it has taken… My state of mind.

god's plan vs my plan

In prayer… The question “What if you were starting today?”
I was encouraged to do a Symbolic Restart
How do I do that? I am new to this but here is what I am doing….

How to do it…

– 1. Create a “Stop-Gap” moment 

Put time and space between your past and your future…

* A vacation or short sabbatical
* A missions trip
* A season of extended prayer
* A week or where you refuse to process

– 2. Get the perspective of an trusted insider 

Ask others to help you evaluate your progress thus far…
Others can often see how far you have come even when you can’t
Warriors lose perspective in the battle they are fighting – they lose proper vision —- ask someone else to be your eyes

– 3. Get the evaluation of a trusted outsider

Go over your situation historically with someone who is not part of that history
Give someone else the chance to compare your story with the common stories of others
Let someone who is unattached to your battle help you with comparisons from battles they have fought.

– 4. Use the Scripture as a vantage point 

Take a mental seat on two of the stories and examples in the scripture
Your not alone … Every generation has had to believe God got the impossible

– 5. Let’s the holy Spirit do a work of mental, emotional and spiritual renewal

You cannot process this on your own – only the Holy Spirit knows Gods thoughts
Only the Holy Spirit can encourage and correct an reload vision all at the same time

**** Benefits of a Symbolic Restart ****

  • An updated Version of reality – reality gets a chance to stand on its own without the cloudy fog of the past
  • A refreshed body – our body is greatly effected by the chemicals produced by discouragement, worry & depression
  • A renewed mind – when our mind is new we are new and when we are new it changes everything
  • An uncluttered love – love for people and love for this church & your calling can thrive again
  • A properly weighted load – everything that is not your responsibility to carry loses it’s place
  • A fresh version of you – you can fight again like its the 1st round because the fight has been renewed – your in a new mental & spiritual arena and you now have the incredible advantage of experience… Knowledge of your opponent

And so much more….

Close: The Great privilege of being HERE … This cause demands our best! Your best version has to include a refreshed mind.  You have to figure out what is my “ENOUGH” then allow God to finish the process through the “refreshed” you.

The mystery of your history is no mystery to God and he loves you anyway in spite of how things did not go as you planned.

Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.
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