Discovery Church

Discovery’s Leap Of Faith Weekend with Doug Reed.


Here is a brief outline of the message.

The prodigal –
Story of two dads my dad and my heavenly dad
1. His sudden departure.
He wants the resources without the relationship.

2. His sad demise.
He was poor a nobody no direction.
He not only loses relationally but he loses positionally .

3. His sincere determination .
He comes to his senses.

4. His secure destination.
He made it home.
The robe of honor
The signet ring the family the credit card
Sandals on his feet – no longer a servant.

“It is possible to have perfect theology and totally miss the heart of God”- Doug Reed

“There are two religions in the world.
The religion of what you can do and the religion of what God can do.”
– Doug Reed


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