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Sorry for the weblog delay but last Saturday morning I took a detour from normal life.

The morning was a great start to a group mountain bike ride through one of my favorite Arizona single track trails.

We started at 7:00 AM up the 396 climb and two hours later came to the end of our venture with one last episode.

At 9:00 am I bumped the riders wheel in front of me and in a matter of three seconds found myself laying on trail 396 with what doctor Pfluger later told me was a Broken Ankle – Displaced Trimalleolar Fracture.

In everday language, I broke three bones in my right ankle.

From the time of the ankle break to the xray taken at the hospital pictured below was 56 minutes.

I want to thank the four mountain bike buddies for the excellent way they handled my outdoor emergency.    

Robert middlemore for the carry out to the SUV and excellent 4 wheel
Scott Lopeman for the carry out to the SUV.
Billy Reagan for the ride to the hopital.
Robert Coomsie for the help and encouraging words.

My docter tells me that I have two plates and seven screws holding my right ankle together and the recovery process could be 10 to 12 weeks before I could start to get back on my bike again.

I will keep an update about the recovery process as the days go along.

Just for kicks, here is a medical diagram of the surgey doctor Pfluger did on me this past Saturday.


4 thoughts on “BROKEN

  1. Patti says:

    Good luck! I had the same fracture 3 years ago. I was very athletic, and only now am I considering putting on ski boots or rollerblades. WIth the plates and screws (I have a few more screws that you will have) any pressure hurts. No more running either. BUT I can bike, walk, hike, do yoga…as long as there is no ankle pressure.

    I was 47 when it happened..if you are younger you may heal better and faster. It was a VERY long recovery and it took 12 weeks to be able to put any pressure on it at all, and well over a year to walk w/out a discernable limp.

    But one of the first things I did in PT was bike.

    GOOD LUCK! patti

  2. John Collins says:

    Hello Steve,
    I did exactly the same thing (here in the UK) as you on 16 April this year. I slipped off my bicycle, my left ankle snapped and I suffered a trimalleolar Weber C fracture (along with a dislocation). Really quite serious (as I was told numerous times in the hospital). I was in plaster for 7 weeks non-weight bearing.
    Then the plaster cast was off and I was told to go for it. Make sure when the time comes and you’re doing physiotherapy that you’re flexing your ankle as much as you can (cuz it’ll be completely stiff when it comes out of the cast!). Getting the range of motion back in your ankle is imperative. It’s now 12 weeks to the day since my accident and I’m walking around my flat without the aid of my crutches. It’s only when I go out that I need to use them. I’ve noticed a lot of improvement in the last 2-3 weeks.
    Try and enjoy your recuperation whilst your laid up! Best of luck.


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