Life experiences


Monday was a great learning experience for me.

I went to Doctor Phluger’s office to get the “hard cast” on my right leg.

To fit the cast, doctor Phluger needed to bend the recovering ankle in a position that would allow it to heal right.

It was at that point that I began to appreciate the gift of singing.

As my doctor began to do his work I had a choice. I could concentrate on the pain or I could focus on something else.

In my best attempt to not be a “baby”….I looked to the other side of the room and began to sing to myself a song.  Not loud enough to distract anyone in the doctors office but enough to get through the needed tansition until the artist finished his work.

Lesson learned:

It is better to worship than it is to whine.

I think SINGING IN THE PAIN would be a great book title….. But it has already been written by a pastor friend of mine.

Walt Weaver pastor’s Faith Assembly of God in Indiana. Walt’s story of falling from a construction sight mutiple stories to the ground is an amazing story.

Here are some pictures of my reason to sing. (music not included)

click the pic to enlarge if you like.

























I want to thank Doctor Paul Phluger for his part in getting me to this point.

He is a good doctor with some great fishing stories.

Thumbs up to you doc!


One thought on “SINGING IN THE PAIN

  1. Faith A Allen says:

    I go to Pastor Walt’s church and just finished his book, “Singing in the Pain.” What a wonderful book. I have been going to Faith Church since 1989. He is such a wonderful pastor with a heart for God and his people.

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