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I want to dedicate a few blog post to what I am going to term “origins”. By that I mean I am going to be a little reflective in a way that might explain how history helps direct our future.

This month is really special to Brenda and I . It was 18 years ago this week that we planted and began LakeCrest Church in Lake Saint Loius Missouri.

Our first Sunday service was September 8th, 1991 at the Lakeside Fitness Center in Lake Saint Louis.

Over those 14 years, we poured everything we had into that ministry with a core group of people that had a passion to reach their community with the good news.

I can sum up that time in three phrases; HARD WORK, MUCH FAITH and GREAT MEMORIES.

I learned so much during that season of my life. I learned that God never waste your efforts and experiences. He tends to use past challenges to prepare you for future ones. In other words, he uses one season to get you ready to handle a greater one. That is a good thing because I don’t think we could handle the end result all at once. He grows us gradually.

From what I hear, the church is doing good now and that means a lot.

God was really faithful to meet all of our needs during those years.

“Your faithfulness endures to all generations.” Psalm119:90


3 thoughts on ““ORIGINS”

  1. Jo Lummer says:

    18 years. Doesn’t seem possible!
    Your journey of following God[w
    leading in your life has been
    an interesting one. We’re just
    glad your journey has led you to
    our corner of this great planet!

  2. Jesse Quiroz says:

    I’m definitely thankful for that origin in your life. After all, I was a product of it. Great blog…thanks for saying “Yes” to God. My family is blessed because of it.

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