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I used to love report card time when I knew I worked hard and was going to receive good grades.

However, when I slacked off during a quarter or semester I really would dread the impending doom written in black and white for all to see.

This week my parents sent me one of my report cards they had kept from my elementary school years.

The date of the card is 1966-1967 and it is from my 3rd grade year.

Mrs. Miller writes at the bottom of the report card something that really got my attention some 40 years later.

She wrote that I have trouble “daydreaming” and that I struggle with my “reading habits”.

Interesting, how somethings change and somethings don’t. today, I love reading and have way too many books on a variety of subjects and have spent too much money on books.

But what hasn’t changed is the “day dreaming” part. I still love dreaming while I am wide awake and visioneering a life that God dreamed up for me.

Erwin Mcmannus puts it this way in his book Wide Awake;

“Dream big. Dream God-sized dreams and have the courage to live them…. Never again surrender to the thought, Well, I’m only human. There is no ‘only’ before human. You are human—created in the image of God…. It is a gift to be human.”

We all have God sized dreams in us to live up to, and we have a lifetime to become all He created us to become.

I am A BEMA SEAT BELIEVER that keeps dreaming. After all these years that has not changed.. 

2 Corinthians 5:10


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