Life experiences



It seems the old childhood habit of collecting rocks is still alive in me to this day.

As a child I was always bring home rocks from my expeditions in the woods or near by construction sites.

The interest in rocks and minerals helped me when it came to the subject of geology in school and it all came very natural for me to study.

While in Alaska I was in a place called the Taylor mountains were we camped on a gravel bar for a couple of days.


The morning before we left for our base camp, I did what I always do and that was to explore the island we were camping on.

With the millions of rocks on the gravel bar availible to me, obviously this one caught my eye and I had to bring it home.


To me, it is a choice of looking for the fingerprints of God in every situation that makes the difference.

In everything and everywhere He has made it possble for us to see him and be influenced by him.

In the vastness of our search for traces of God, He makes it very simple by saying the Kingdom of God is at hand…. it is within our reach.

“The man who finds life will find it through trusting God…and God has put knowledge of him in our hearts, since the earliest of times men have seen the earth and sky and everything God has made, and have known of his existence and great eternal power. ”  Romans 1:18-20 (lb) In other words …(Even nature itself proves the power and presence of an eternal caring involved God.)

What a great passege that points us to to realize God’s power and presence no matter where we are.

Just look around today and see what you can see. He is near.

A song that says it all is:


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