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Yesterday my daughter Natascha called my cell phone on her day off from work and the first sentence was, “dad you need to come and see this”.

She wanted me to come over to a little apartment here in Prescott to see the eight girls from the youth group painting and refurbishing a house for a couple in our city.

Brenda and I walked into a true AOL (Acts Of Love) moment.

The girls where totally having a blast cleaning, caulking and painting this house for a couple in the community that have just started attending the church and getting their lives turned around for the better with a new life change.

Here are some of my real life heroes.






What is really contagious about this is now the church is looking for other ways to help people in our city with real live Acts Of Love….cant wait for the next opportunity.

Thanks girls for the momentum you are adding to this movement in our community.


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