church farm


Yesterday March 12th, I stopped by the church to pitch in to help prepare the soil with the rest of the workers.

Here are a few pics of the progress.


The section where the Hopi Blue Corn will be planted.


Horse flop helps the garden grow here in Arizona.


Ein working on the alfalfa field


Thomas and Katie working on the fencing for Twila the goat.

Hopi Blue Corn


Blue Hopi corn is grown by Native Americans — the Hopi, Pueblo, Navaho and Zuni — primarily in the southwestern USA. The Hopi make it into Piki bread, which is wafer-thin — it’s prepared daily and for  special occasions like feasts and weddings. For the Hopi, blue corn and the color blue represent the Eastern rising sun, the beginning of life, and wisdom and understanding.

This ministry project is all a new experiment and I am really excited to see where it takes us.

I am thinking about planting the front two acres in front of the church with sunflowers. I wonder what the communities reaction would be to see thousands of sunflowers growing along Willowcreek road? Maybe they could bring a smile to the hearts of many. 


2 thoughts on “CHURCH FARM UPDATE

  1. This member of the community would absolutely love a yardful of sunflower along Willow Creek Rd.

    Off topic — Prescott Bloggers Sunday afternoon (2 p.m.) March 15 at Casa Sanchez…

  2. Louise Crowell says:

    A yard of sunflowers would certainly cause those who pass by to know we are here. Maybe they will even choose to visit!

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