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Dad/Daughter Date Night

Just wanted to post a note about my night with Tash this past week when we went to see U2 at the University of Phoenix stadium in Phoenix.

I just gotta say the event was above my expectation.

80k plus people – one of the great bands of all times – one of the greatest stadiums in the country and the best daughters in the world, Wow, a great time.

Here are a few pics of their 360 tour’s stage.




The “space ship”  was a stage designed to create a more intimate setting between the band and the masses. Bono captured the goal perfectly.

Interesting note about the “spirituality” of  the band can be found at the following link.

It is amazing to me that these Welsh born guys were raised in the same place where one of the greatest move’s of God happened on the moderen planet.

As he knelt on the stage,  Bono ask the concert goers to pray with him for the release of  political prisoners around the world. He also sang a “Bono” redintion of Amazing Grace.

The night with Tash was a blast to remember. The Sound system rocked and the message was one of hope and a future for humanity.



5 thoughts on “Dad/Daughter Date Night

  1. Hello Steve,
    Nice photos! I am working for a Swedish company making welding machines for welding PVC. One of our customers made the structure used for the Claw and we are planning to write and article about it in the sping issue of our newsletter. I have some pictures of the claw already but I wanted to ad some and when surfing the web I found your photos! I wanted to ask if there is a possibility that we could use one or two of them. Could you please contact me about this?

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