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Last Saturday morning some of the locals wanted to get a ride in before the hurricane hit Preskitt.

Yes, I said hurricane. Winds where clocked at 77 mph hour in our little Mayberry town up here in the high desert.

Any way we did trail 95 by Lynx Lake and we ran across some  petroglyps.  The other guys thought the lower drawing was a mountain biker but I’m bot sure about that.

Here are some of the buds that made for a great morning of biking through the woods.

Keith Beesmer, Steve Lummer, Robert Middlemore, Steve Becker, Dave Mangan, Jeff Combs.

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Just wanted to post a couple of pics of our Daughter and Dad Thanksgiving weekend mountain bike ride.

We did the 396/Felmier loop today.

As you can tell the temps were a bit brisk.

Love the 396 views. It follows Goldwater lake for much of the trail.

In all it was 9.6 miles of great family memories.

Great day, great ride with the greatest daughter on the  globe.

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Minister To The Ministers

What a great weekend as we get ready to turn the corner toward Thanksgiving. I just felt like we were to minister to a Pastor and his family this Thanksgiving.
Saturday we were able to take a suv full of food as well as a spirit of joy to invade Brian and Debbie’s home in the village of the Grand Canyon.
We took long time friends from our college days Kent and Judy Anderson who work with Rural Compassion.
Brian and Debbie pastor a small congregation in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.
Over 5 million visitors visit the South Rim of the canyon which is literally 5 minutes away from were Brian and Debbie live.
It was great to minister to the ministers yesterday.
Here are some pics of our trip to the Brian’s and ’Debbie’s

@ The Grand Canyon with Kent and Judy Anderson.

Kent and Pastor Brian.

Little Samuel, Debbie Mercy and Brian Fulthrop pastor the village of Grand Canyon

Also here is the link for Rural Compassion

About Rural Compassion
The Mission

To help break and prevent cycles of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual poverty.

Benefits of Rural Compassion

* Strengthen small communities by utilizing and building on indigenous resources and maximizing those resources through the church.
* Build the capacity of the church to respond to the systemic needs in the community through sustainable solutions.
* Assist the church to become the center of the community and a spiritually-based service provider.
* Accomplish together what no individual or group can accomplish alone.

Really great services at Prescott First Assembly with the Rural Compassion team.

Speacial thanks to all who gave to help this ministry to the ministers take place. Here is an email note from Debbie.

We were extremely blessed with enough food to feed our family for over a week!! Thanks Pastor Lummer & Brenda; Prescott First Assembly & Rural Compassion. The Lord knows exactly what we need at just the right time! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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Do You Know Your CFS ?

CFS – Cubic Feet Per Second.

Here are a couple of photos of the Verde River about a mile up from Beezly Flats flowing at approximately 160 CFS.



Here is a pic of the remnants a an earlier CFS of around 900 to a 1000.


I actually floated the upper section where Oak Creek drops into the Verde @ 1100 CFS. What a ride that was.

Any way back to the CFS discussion. Here is a a chart provided by the usgs.

Current Verde River flow information:
Almost every water shed in the USA as well as Canada has these stations to give hourly reports of water flow. Very Cool.

Here is the actual chart flow when the top three photos were taken.

cfs chart 2

Notice the dates at the bottom of the chart.

If you want a perfect float down the Verde River, float it a between 25- and 450 CFS and you wont be disappointed for sure.

Before you float any river make sure you know what the CFS is for the day you float. It will help make the difference between a great time on the river and a not so good time on and possibly IN the river.

Just one more point in this blog.

Here is another link for the Verde River Canoe Challenge sponsored by NAU every year.

Chuck Hammersly does a fanastic  job of putting this event together and all for just 10 bucks (includes t-shirt)

Go for it – you will love it and fall in love with the Verde as well.


Brenda and I – Verde is running @ 450 CFS

verde brenda

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Mtn. Bike-Apalooza

Saturday Novermber 7th we road our bikes into the the parking lot of the Cayus trail head and we witnessed this beautiful crowd of  fellow mountain bikers waiting for the go word.

Here are just a few pics of the crew that showed up here in Prescott.


The Raven Singletrack leadership said there were at least 52 people that did the ride.

ed and rick

Single speeders Rick Brazil and Ed Furbush


Got to meet Daryl of FORM Cycles out of Sedona.



mtn bike studs


I followed these guys for about half the ride until I bonked .

Great day of friends and bike fun.

Thanks to ;

for bringing us all together.

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No Stress Address – Mount Humphrey

Saturday afternoon Caleb and I headed up to Mount Humphrey for an afternoon hike.

I just wanted to post some of the pics of this beautiful place.








Interesting factoid. The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is 72 miles away from Mount Humphrey.

At the top, Caleb told me “as you are snow boarding down the slope you can actually see the Canyon” –

This is another NO STRESS ADDRESS. 🙂

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The Best Parts Of Parenting

Proverbs 22:6 confirms what I was feeling on my most recent mountain bike ride with my daughter.

” Point your kids in the right direction— when they’re old they won’t be lost.”

There is just something amazing about being able to be 50 plus and still have a great relationship with you adult children.

Yesterday in the late afternoon I managed to squeeze in some time for a pre sunset mountain bike ride with Natascha my amazingly focused and goal oriented daughter.

Really, I might say she squeezed in the time.

Anyway, as I looked behind me to watch her flying over babyheads and cleaning some “non average terrian” I thought about Proverbs 22:6 and how I have watched Tash find her own way along lifes path without getting lost.

Man, the rewards of parenting for the long haul just keep getting better.

Here are some pics of my reward as well as hers.




Helmet heads having a blast in this life! 🙂


If you are parenting here is a qoute from one of my heros Pastor Bill Wilson of Metro Church in NY city.

“It’s easier to build boys and girls than it is to repair men and women.”

And just a note to self : It is a lot funner too.

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Trail 396 – One of the best Prescott has to offer.

Yesterday, Robert Middlemore and I road our singlespeeds up the 396 and took the Felmire back down to the trial head and parking lot.

The 396 is a special kind of climb because it offers tons of rewards as well as challenges on the singlegeraed bike.

Most of the time you can see both the lower as well as the upper Goldwater lakes. In the Fall it is fabulous.

Here are just a few pics of the great ride.

396 map


roberto water


steveo 396



Just a little side note. It is always good to ride over the spot where I broke my ankle.

Just feels good to overcome something.


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Little things bring us together – Marmot “Pounder Plus”

My son Caleb Called tonight to inform me that his camping gear is now complete.

His Marmont “pounder Plus” sleeping bag had just arrived.

There is something about getting a new peice of gear to rev you up for a new camping adventure in the mountains of Northren Zona.

Here is a pic of the bag that gets dad and son thinking and preparing for another adventure in the wild.

pounder plus

I am really looking forward to pushing up mount Elden labor day weekend  and camping with the lad.


Also, just going to have to get a lttle single speed mtn biking in while the flagstaff area.

Here is a link from mountain bike bill and the trails on mount Elden.

Marmot pounder plus stats:

Weight: 2 lb 5 ozs / 1.49 kgs
Main Material: Astral Rip N-100 DWR
Lining Material: Omni140


Insulation Material: Primaloft® SB
Size for stre: 183 cm
Size on shoulder: 152 cm
Size on hip: 145 cm
Size on foot: 102 cm
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July and August are the two months out of the year when the people of Prescott get the most amounts of liquid from the sky.

Since  May 1st of 1898  someone has been keeping a record as to how much rain we get each month.

Our average rain amounts for the month of July for the past 100 plus years is, 2.90 inches of the wet stuff.

Because we only get 19.04 inches anually it is kind of a big deal for us here in this part of the country to get a good rain.

I think we got most of our July amounts of H2o these last two days.

While out in the out skirts of town I grabbed this pic of a great gift to the Southwest – H20.