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Yesterday was a first for me.

I preached my first sermon from a wheel chair.

Over the past 28 years as a pastor, I have been able to experience some unique ways of giving people the Good News. Yesterday was another opportunity of doing it  from a different vantage point.

Life from a wheel chair is a totally different view as oppossed to standing up on two feet.

Here are some of my observations of life from the chair:

– Children can talk to you face to face.

-You depend on people to “PUSH” you around.

– Stairs are not your friend.

– Narrow hallways and furniture are a hassle.

– Doorways are never wide enough.

– It takes you twice as long to get from point “A” to point “B”.

– Minor cracks in parking lots are a major pain.

– You look at how other people in wheel chairs, on crutches and walkers are adapting to  alternative transportation”.

And probably the biggest thing I have noticed is this, What a gift walking is.


These are just a few observations I have been able to notice as a novice person who just got the chair. I’m sure that there are many, many more.

“The chair” is teaching some good stuff about what other people  go through everyday of their lives that I have taken for granted.


3 thoughts on “I GOT THE CHAIR

  1. Joyce Grubbs says:

    I think a unique ministry is to experience life from another perspective. I guess the adage, “Walk a mile in another’s shoes” applies here. You certainly captured the spirit “from your chair”.

    I remember when I went in to inner city work, seeing the world from the perspective of pimps, prostitutes and drug addicts. Not quite the “reality” experience as you, I just lived in their world as an advocate. But what an eye opener.

    I wish more people would become acquainted with those people and issues they judge harshly before they make their judgments. I think Jesus set that example when he went “among them”.

    Thank you Steve, for speaking up for those who live in chairs, and for seeing the challenge in their lives.

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