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Just wanted to post a few pics of our Labor day getaway to Flagstaff.

We took the pups for a hike around portions of the Arizona trail – they loved being unleashed.

There are so many portions of Arizona that still astound me with its beauty at times.

The pics cannot begin to let you feel the amazing color and hymnals of God in this place.

My son Caleb and I camped two nights @ forest service road 151 and the trail head of the Arizona trail.

Gotta love Caleb’s eye for photography.

Being so close to the Az. trail head we did not hesitate to ride a little singletrack on Monday morning.

A little story about this North Face Tent. It actually made it to the summit of Mount Everest. I guess the guy who used it almost died in it.

I love the material and the amazing economy of space this tent brings to you.

What a great weekend my son and I had catching up and having dad son connect time.  Loved it big time.

Labor day weekend 2010 was a win win situation.

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My friend Dave Sewell sent me this profile pic of  the elevation we climbed yesterday.

The 3300 feet of climbing and the 25 plus miles took us to just over 9000 feet in elevation at Mt. Humphrey’s  in Flagstaff for an amazing ride through the aspens and ferns yesterday.

I wanted to just post a few pics of the amazing place we mountain biked on the Arizona trail yesterday.

NOTE: click on the pic to enlarge it.

The Arizona trail travels all the way from Mexico to the Utah boarder.

This section of trail is beautiful and scenic to say the least.

With its Aspen groves and lush ferns you never stop looking at the landscape.

The literally 18 inches of singletrack is like following a ribbon through the forest.

I will be headed back to this hikers/bikers/nature lovers/photographers paradise in mid September to catch a glimpse of the aspen’s turning yellow.

Gotta love the riots of color that surrounds the Flagstaff/Mt Humphrey’s area.

This is one of the funnest rides I have do all year.

These two guys made the ride fun for all of us. Dave Sewel is a local moutain bike guide and David Mangan is a very healthy 62 year old mtn bike dude.

This pic gives you a view of the side of Mt. Humphreys you don’t normally get to see.

If you go on this trail make sure you get a good map of the area.

Or contact Dave Sewell for an amazing guided tour

A good day on a single speed through the apsens….and yes the climb was well worth the payoff.

I have always wanted to ride this section of trail and now I want to go back with others who have never traveled this way before so they can enjoy it as well.


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We had our first good rain of the season today here in Prescott.

The smell and the sounds are awesome.

You actually see people looking up in anticipation of the Monsoon season.

The word “monsoon” comes from the Arabic “mausim” which means “a season.” It was first used to describe the winds over the Arabian sea which blow from the northeast for six months and from the southwest for six months. Over the years, monsoon has been extended to include Europe, Africa and the western coasts of Chile and the United States.

Strong annual variations of temperature over land masses is the primary cause of the monsoon. This causes an excess of high pressure in the cold months and low pressure in the warm months. This deficit of pressure coupled with the storm track well to the north in the summer, allows the tropical moisture to literally be sucked northward toward the lower pressure in the low levels of the atmosphere. The end result is a shift in the winds over an area and enough moisture to trigger seasonal rains.

This pic was taken this morning at 5:33 AM.

In Arizona, the process starts with the hot and dry weather of May and June. Usually, the winds are from a dry westerly direction, so humidity is low and temperatures soar above 100 degrees in the deserts. As the atmosphere warms, the jet stream retreats northward. this allows the winds to shift to a more southerly component and bring in the moisture. Most of our humid air comes from the Sea of Cortez, but a good portion also comes from the Gulf of Mexico. Once the moist air arrives, our strong summer sun heats the moist air causing the familiar thunderstorm (cumulonimbus) clouds.

Our monsoon is the most pronounced in southern Arizona and becomes more marginal over northern Arizona. The monsoon lasts longer in the south, usually beginning around the middle of June. In the Phoenix area, the moisture is usually here by the first or second week in July. The end of the hot and humid weather normally comes in the latter half of September state wide.

Statistically, we consider it a “monsoon day” when the average daily dew point is 55 degrees or higher. This can easily be measured and gives us a way of comparing one year to another.

Still not convinced? During the dry monsoon (April, May and June) we get only 6% of our normal yearly rainfall. During the wet monsoon (July, August and September) we get 32% of our normal yearly rainfall!



Monsoon Facts and Figures

Average date of monsoon beginning July 7
In 2 out of 3 years the monsoon begin July 1 through July 16
Earliest Monsoon beginning on record June 16, 1925
Latest monsoon beginning on record July 25, 1987
Average date of first break in monsoon August 16
Average total number of monsoon days 56
Greatest number of monsoon days on record 99 in 1984
Greatest number of consecutive monsoon days on record 72 in 1984
(June 25 through September 5)
Least number of monsoon days on record 27 in 1962
Wettest monsoon on record (July, Aug. and Sept. rainfall) 9.38 inches in 1984
Driest monsoon on record (July, Aug. and Sept. rainfall) .35 inches in 1924
Average monsoon rainfall (July, Aug. and Sept.) 2.45 inches
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The 2010 Whiskey Off Road Mountain Bike Endurance Race

For my birthday over the past five years I have entered the Whiskey Off Road Mountain Bike Endurance Race.

I have five posters from the past five events hanging in my man cave.

This year for my 52nd birthday I needed to kick it up a notch by doing the event on a single speed rigid.

This year I did the 25 proof and could not have ask for better trail conditions as well as the company of over 1000 mountain bikers from all over the nation.

The course this year was the same as it is pretty much every year except for the large amounts of snow we had in the months approaching the event.  The week prior to the race we had a crew out shoveling snow off a section of trail 48.

The snow really kept everything on the trails in perfect condition…..tacky and fast  is the only way to describe this years dirt. It was what contributed to records being broken by the top riders as well as helping me beat my time in for the previous four years.

Last year I did the 50 proof in just under a week – haha

But the other three years I did the 25 proof in 5:13 , 4:27 and 4:13. This year my goal was to break the four hour mark. I reached my goal by finishing at 3:57:17.

Very happy with this years time.

This year I dedicated my ride to our best friend and companion Cody. Cody passed away Saturday morning April 16th and he will be missed dearly and beyond words.

If he could have physically been able to, he would have ran the entire course right beside me. I so admire his dignity and desire to live.

The Whiskey Off Road Mountain Bike Race of 2010  is history now but the memories and friendships will be with us for a long time.

Again, thanks to http://www.epicrides .com for an amazing weekend and fun. Thank you to the community of Prescott Arizona for your amazing people and wild west Spirit.

Here are just a few pics of some great people that made the weekend such a great experience.

Bikes fill up the town every year in April thank to the Whiskey

Hal Hayden Nate Woods and Mike are great buddies that make life in Ptown the best.

Everybody loves Tomas and we all respect his riding ability. He is the real “Mayor” of  Preskitt.

Tina Ooley road the 25 on a single speed and podiumed the event in honor of her brother Nick who passed away just weeks before the event.

Keith Beesmer

Dave Sewell and I

Bren always meets me at the finish line with a kiss and a cold root beer 🙂

No wonder I am in a hurry to finish the race.

Next year I plan on being in a support role for some of my friends here in town. I have never seen the race from a spectators side and look forward to watching the hammerheads climb the water bars.

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I just wanted to post a few pics of our Prescott trail work day this past Saturday.

What a great day of repairing one of the fastest sections of this years Whiskey Off Road Mountain Bike Endurance race.

The event will begin on the famous “Whiskey Row” square in mile high city Prescott Arizona April 24th.

It is steeper than it looks.

Riding mountain bikes is much better when you contribute to building the trails you ride on.

Epic rides Todd Sadow writes,

“Whiskey Off Road is three weeks away, a HUGE ‘THANKS’ to the Prescott trail crew who saddled up this weekend and put in the hours cleaning up the course. We hear the 260 descent has ‘fast’ written all over it. Tighten your woodscrews folks..”

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Our friends Adam and Carrie Arnold both posted status updates on their facebook accounts tonight and here is what they had to say;

“I can’t believe the end of yet another chapter in life has closed and another is beginning. My heart is breaking but I know God asks us to give Him the blessing he already gave us in order to give us something better.” – Adam

“remembers the first morning I woke in Arizona, March 1st, 2003. The mountains left me speechless. I find such peace in the sunrise over the Arizona mountains.…” Carrie

(Adam, Carrie Elizabeth, Daniel, and Bella)

Adam and Carrie moved to Arizona in the Spring  seven years ago and tomorrow they are moving back to their home state of Missouri where we first met them.

I cannot frame into words the devotion these friends have put into our lives and ministry but I will attempt it with much emotion tonight.

For a couple to move across the country to an unknown community is amazing and a bit strange I thought…..Why would anyone move from the known to the unknown and start without any friends except a pastor and his family?
Adam and Carrie awkwardly  and slowly made the journey and set up their lives here in Prescott and faithfully attended our church and began to build from scratch a new start.
That new start was difficult and rocky at times. …many times Brenda and I prayed for their future.
But Adam and Carrie continued to do their best at finding jobs and raising their family.

About two years ago, I noticed a steadiness in their relationship and I felt that they had reached the threshold of a consistent family life together.
Adam and Carrie have become apart of the fabric of our church family and dear friends to Brenda and I .
We will miss the strength and laughter they bring to our lives and we will miss especially watching them grown together in Gods grace.

Adam – Thank you for your unending hours you have given to the “techy” part of the ministry as well as the hours standing in the sound booth. I will miss watching your calm cool ability to handle things when stuff goes wrong.

Carrie – Thank you for being a friend to Brenda and giving us both your devotion to our ministry . You are an incredible Childrens minister, Nursery coordinator, worship leader organizer and an all around amazing woman of zeal and vision.

Both of you are fantastic parents and an example of a Christian marriage .

Thank you for giving Brenda and I the opportunity to be your pastor’s these many years both in Lake Saint Louis as well as Prescott Arizona.

You mean the world to us and we will miss you more than you will know.

May God bless your future as you discover the path He has for you and your amazing family.

“You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody. 3You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.”  2 Corinthians 3:2-3

Adam and Carrie –   you are living letters to all who know you.

Steve and Brenda Lummer

Lead Pastors
Prescott First Assembly of God

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Sunny Sedona Red Dirt

Just wanted to post a few pics from Saturday’s mtn bike ride in sunny Sedona.

Ten of us from Preskitt started in the Basha’s parking lot – rode through town to Midgley Bridge – up the Jim Thompson trail – Jordan trail Past the sink hole – seven sacred pools trail out and back – Teacup down to Buena vista to Coffee Pot and back to the Parking lot.
Keith told me it was 15 miles…..I add 15 miles of Sedona sunshine and beautiful red dirt.

Sedona is one of the most beautiful places in the Southwest to ride and best of all it is 45 minutes from the house.

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Primo’s hot dog stand serves 1,000 customers, 4 at a time

Just had to blog about this little hot dog shop in Flagstaff called Primos.

The sign inside says; Serves 1000 customers 4 at a time.

Caleb took  me to this amazing little classic in Flag.

Primo’s is just a short walk from NAU campus and really cannot be missed due to the fact the building is painted bright yellow and stands out along the sidewalk from the building next to it. As you may have guessed from the limited seating, Primo’s is very small.  You literally walk into the building and the counter is the first thing you see.

Primo’s is Primo!

located at 113 S. San Francisco Street in Flag. – go there

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This winter was a season to renew the blue canoe for this years water sports.

The skip plates where ordered from Oldtown Canoe company and will prevent leakage and damage from skidding on the river rocks.

This canoe is from Jasper Arkansas. The Buffalo Canoe Company builds a great boat.

My Buffalo Canoe in good company.

My friend Martin Ziebell here in Preskitt is the man.

Thanks Martin for the expertise .

Wont be long until the Verde River Canoe Challenge .

If you are interested in floating the river here is the link.

Hope to see you out on the good water.


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Today was one of the funnest rides I have been on this year.

Here are just a few pics of a great day in Cottonwood Arizona on the Thumper/Raptor loop.

thumper trail map

This is an amazing loop to ride in the winter,fall and spring.

The tribe from Prescott Mountain Biking had a great time riding the loop twice today for a total of 15.3 miles.

Just had to get of pic of one of Arizona’s exclusive spa and resorts….kinda pricey though.