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The 2010 Whiskey Off Road Mountain Bike Endurance Race

For my birthday over the past five years I have entered the Whiskey Off Road Mountain Bike Endurance Race.

I have five posters from the past five events hanging in my man cave.

This year for my 52nd birthday I needed to kick it up a notch by doing the event on a single speed rigid.

This year I did the 25 proof and could not have ask for better trail conditions as well as the company of over 1000 mountain bikers from all over the nation.

The course this year was the same as it is pretty much every year except for the large amounts of snow we had in the months approaching the event.  The week prior to the race we had a crew out shoveling snow off a section of trail 48.

The snow really kept everything on the trails in perfect condition…..tacky and fast  is the only way to describe this years dirt. It was what contributed to records being broken by the top riders as well as helping me beat my time in for the previous four years.

Last year I did the 50 proof in just under a week – haha

But the other three years I did the 25 proof in 5:13 , 4:27 and 4:13. This year my goal was to break the four hour mark. I reached my goal by finishing at 3:57:17.

Very happy with this years time.

This year I dedicated my ride to our best friend and companion Cody. Cody passed away Saturday morning April 16th and he will be missed dearly and beyond words.

If he could have physically been able to, he would have ran the entire course right beside me. I so admire his dignity and desire to live.

The Whiskey Off Road Mountain Bike Race of 2010  is history now but the memories and friendships will be with us for a long time.

Again, thanks to http://www.epicrides .com for an amazing weekend and fun. Thank you to the community of Prescott Arizona for your amazing people and wild west Spirit.

Here are just a few pics of some great people that made the weekend such a great experience.

Bikes fill up the town every year in April thank to the Whiskey

Hal Hayden Nate Woods and Mike are great buddies that make life in Ptown the best.

Everybody loves Tomas and we all respect his riding ability. He is the real “Mayor” of  Preskitt.

Tina Ooley road the 25 on a single speed and podiumed the event in honor of her brother Nick who passed away just weeks before the event.

Keith Beesmer

Dave Sewell and I

Bren always meets me at the finish line with a kiss and a cold root beer 🙂

No wonder I am in a hurry to finish the race.

Next year I plan on being in a support role for some of my friends here in town. I have never seen the race from a spectators side and look forward to watching the hammerheads climb the water bars.

church family, Prescott


This past weekend one of the best things happened to me again.

My good friend and buddy Bobby Snyder returned home for his father’s wedding here in Prescott Arizona.

For me, one of the best things is having the opportunity to meet and get to know some amazing people over the long term.

Sustainable relationships are a great gift in our culture today. In an atmosphere of no commitment and “here today, gone tomorrow” relationships, long term friends are to be treasured.

I really love the old framer prophet Amos who ask the question; “Can two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?”  Amos 3:3

Some of the best things in my pastoral life are not things…they are treasured long term friends who always come back to share their life, say hello now and again, and make my life much richer because they are just there with you .

Today, you get the opportunity to be with the people who will keep you from Isolating yourself in the cocoon of self banishment – enjoy every moment with them.

Bobby leaves next month for Afghanistan and you can believe I will be praying for his safe and quick return.


Lead pastor—Prescott 1st A/G

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On Saturday April 24th we are going to do a little fund raising for a pastor and his wife.

On that Saturday morning approximately 800 mountain bikers will head for the hills for one reason or another here in Prescott Arizona.
That morning, I will be riding to raise funds to help Brian and Debbie Fulthrop get back into their home.
Brian and Debbie pastor a small congregation in the Village of Grand Canyon here in Arizona.
They have been living in temporary housing for almost a year now and would love to get back into a home.

We have not put all the details together yet but I thought I would post this info. on my blog to see if there is any interest from other mountain bikers or sponsors regarding this need.
Below is a link to the Whiskey Off Road Mountain Bike Endurance Race, a link to Brian’s blog as well as our little flyer  for this event..

If you would like to sponsor our efforts please contact me through this blog.

We are taking donations on a per mile basis.

For example $1.00 per mile multiplied by a total of 25 miles would be a $25.00 donation.

If for some insane reason you would like to join Team “CRANKING FOR THE KEYS” also you may contact me on this blog.

I am looking forward to a great ride that day.

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Pre-Snow Ride With Buddy Schultz Today.

We are forecasted to get hammered with three major storms this entire week.
So I decided to get out before the single track  gets buried for the next two weeks.
Had a great 10 mile pre-snow ride with pitcher Buddy Schultz today.
We did the Granite Basin loop from Iron Springs and back.
The sloppy soil gives you a little more opportunity for a work out.

Over the next few months I will ride with others from the baseball card collection that sits in a box down in the man cave.
Here are some baseball face on Buddy’s career.
Buddy Schultz was born on Tuesday, September 19, 1950, in Cleveland, Ohio. Schultz was 24 years old when he broke into the big leagues on September 3, 1975, with the Chicago Cubs.
He was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals in 1977 and was paid a salary of $25,000.00
Birth Name:       Charles Budd Schultz
Nickname:       Buddy
Born On:       09-19-1950
Place of Birth : Cleveland, Ohio
College: Miami University
Bats:       Right
Throwing Arms Chart Throws:: Left
Player Height Chart Height:       6-00
Player Weight Chart Weight:       175
First Game:       09-03-1975 (Age 24)
Last Game:       09-28-1979
Buddy did get a bit muddy on the back of the bike today.
Guess I will nick name him “Muddy Buddy.”

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This after noon just before dark I did what I will call a “thorn in the flesh” ride .
I call it that for two reasons. First, When ever you ride with Steve Becker and Robert Middlemore,  you will suffer in your flesh. ( at least I know I do).  These guys are great mountain bikers that have  an amazing cadence through the woods.
We started at our my house and climbed over the new 317 into Thumb Butte and climbed up then down the 392 over into the pines and tapped out about 10 miles before arriving home.

Here are a few post ride pics.

Left to right – Steve Lummer, Steve Becker, Robert MIddlemore.

The second reason I call it the “thorn in the flesh” ride is because of the thorn I found in my right  arm after the ride.
Interesting what you pick up on a mountain bike ride.

Great times were had by all.

church farm, Prescott

Winter at Church Farm

I just wanted to post a couple of pics I took this morning after the frost vanished at church farm.

Thomas showed me the Alfalfa and Garlic that has started to grow.  (remember, this is January)

Alfalfa is from the Pea Family.

Garlic originates from the Onion family.

Here is an updated pic of Twila and Sophie  still in waiting to become mothers.

Just sayin', Prescott

Ed-onomics and “THE BOOK”.

This blog post is about “sustainable communities”.

Sustainable communities are built on sustainable relationships.

If you are old enough, you might remember the local country store where you could be “On the tab”.
The store owner would allow you to purchase a limited amount of goods on credit based not on  your credit score but rather the relationship you had with the owner.

I love living in a town and doing business at a local vender who allows me to be “IN THE BOOK”.
Good local relationships are the best. That is called “community” and economics are so much better when the people you do business with are your friends.
If I could personally choose , I would not go for Reaganomics or Obamanomis…I would love to live in a Relational/economic society called  EDonomics .
That in part, is what we are missing on the globe. Connectable and sustainable relationships with people we do business with who you trust and who trust you. The relationship you have with someone is much more valuable than the goods you buy from them.

I just had to grab a pic of THE BOOK with my name along with other locals who are in THE BOOK.
I have faded out the dollar amounts to respect their privacy ….but I couldn’t resist posting such a cool group to be with in THE BOOK.

Edonomics rule.

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Just wanted to post a couple of pics of our Daughter and Dad Thanksgiving weekend mountain bike ride.

We did the 396/Felmier loop today.

As you can tell the temps were a bit brisk.

Love the 396 views. It follows Goldwater lake for much of the trail.

In all it was 9.6 miles of great family memories.

Great day, great ride with the greatest daughter on the  globe.