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Truckee, Telluride and the Tetons

Over the past three wedding anniversary’s, Brenda and I by accident or design have been blessed by three amaZING vacation destinations.

TRUCKEE CALIFORNIA ( 30th wedding anniversary)

TELLURIDE COLORADO (31st wedding anniversary)

TETON NATIONAL PARK IN WYOMING (32nd wedding anniversary)

Each destination was special and will hold fantastic memories and that is in part why I have this blog… help me remember these amaZING places and experiences.

I just wanted to post some photos of the past three years of anniversary adventures.

Truckee River going into Boca Lake.

This year we pushed north to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks – wow, no disappointment there. What a fantastic place.

I am guessing there were about 3000 waiting and watching Old Faithful with us. – My phone battery went dead into Ouray…The entire ride was more like 16 miles.

The Ghost town of tomboy – 3000 feet above telluride.

Thanks to the folks from Boulder who gave me a lift into Ouray from the summit. Without them it would have been a LONG ride down the hill.

Every morning we walked the pups.

My brother Gary and his wife Susie joined us for a couple of days.

Last Dollar Road moto ride

Lewis and Clark

Love the travels to some anaZING  places with my best friend and life partner.

Thanks to my parents for house/dog sitting. Pam and Roberto and Matt for the gifts of lodging.

Thanks brenda for 32 amaZING years of marriage.

One life one wife make it great.

“Don’t accumulation possessions, accumulate experiences.”  – Mark Batterson


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Getting in a few more bike miles before the move to Tennessee

Grateful for the miles we have gotten in over the past eight years here in Prescott.

We are going to attempt one more on Monday before the U Haul takes my daughter and her bike to Tennessee.

Quote of the ride.

“Go into your next season as positive as you can ….go do what your are going there to do.”

“Work at it with the end game up front” .


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Just wanted to post up a few pics of our dad/son fishing attempt.

This last Saturday Caleb and I attempted to catch and release fish on two amazing creeks here in Arizona.

We first landed at the West Clear Creek just outside Camp Verde, Az. as well as Oak Creek in Sedona.

We tried to get to the upper section of the creek by driving up the gravel road and hiking down to the river on trail 31.  When we arrived at trail 31 we quickly found it did not exist. We turned around and decided to join the throngs of locals that usually swim and hike the “bull pen” area down stream.

The fishing was tough and we struck out but we got a few good pics of our day.

Next time we head up to West Clear Creek to fish for trout I’m thinking about calling Jason Meszaros from Manzanita Outdoors for a little help.

Jason operates The Drag Free School Of Fly Fishing.

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Dad/Daughter Mtn Bike Ride

My daughter Natascha and I are not saying it, but we are attempting in a quiet unspoken way to create a few last memories before she and Adam move from Prescott to Tennessee.

Mountain biking is in part our way of way of accomplishing that.

Gonna really miss my little girl and the time we have on our bikes.

I’m gonna get her bike fixed up and tuned before she heads east.  Hopefully she can ride and show me a few Tennessee trails when we go to visit.

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I just wanted to post a few pics of our 2011 family vacation in Telluride Colorado.

Special thanks to an amazing friend who offered our family his amazing cabin for the week.

What Makes Telluride Unique? Telluride is a small ski resort in the southwest corner of Colorado. Tucked away in a box canyon, surrounded by the mighty peaks of the San Juans, Telluride started off as a mining town in the 1800’s and later on, in 1973, became a ski resort and in the warmer months an epic mountain bike destination.

This year was special because we were able to take my daughter and her husband Adam with us for some much needed R & R.

Our bunch hiked, biked, rafted, canoed, fished, shopped, reflected, and rested.

This is a pic of us after we put our bikes on the gondola and made it up to the ski area that is converted into a mtn bike mecca during the summer months.

The Riverside trail is an amazing addition to the Telluride trail system.

These two pics pretty much sums up why I enjoyed this years vacation. 🙂

We ventured out on Trout Lake for some fishing/exploring….Adam and Tash pretty much wished they would have had a canoe instead of a ducky to float in.

Brenda my life long floating/fishing partner.

The San Miguel River rafting.

Just some views from around the area.

A couple of pics of the meadow below the cabin were we stayed.

Bridal Vail Falls – the tallest waterfall in Colorado.

The grass is greener in Telluride.

What an amazing place – what an amazing week.

I am rested and grateful.


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Really looking forward to this teaching this weekend called Every Dad’s Dream.

Father’s day is everyday not just a day we give dad a new pair of socks or a new item for his man cave.

Every dad has a dream and Sunday morning we gonna look@ at how to have some of those dreams become tangible, real and alive.

See ya Sunday.


Pastor, father, husband and dreamer




I’m a bit behind in posting these pics for May – But lets call it May.

Here are a few pics of Lewis and Clark @ 14months.

Clark always has a ball or two in his mouth.

Clark asleep in HIS leather chair.

Lewis (left) Clark (right) – great shot.

Yes, two pups are expensive and yes, they do cause damage – but it’s all good right?


Lewis and Clark’s  assistant

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This morning my daughter Natascha and I competed in the annual Go Off Road Duathlon here in Prescott.

Dave Sewell a good friend of mine puts this event on each year and people form all over the four corners come to participate in this fun well organized adventure.

Trail Running, then Mountain Biking, then Trail Running again. It’s like a triathlon without the swimming, and done OFF ROAD!

What a great day and way to have fun with one of my best buddies in the world.

Tash did the Run part and I got to do the bike part.

We were TEAM JUMP AROUND…..Thus  the jump pics in this blog.

Jump around..Jump, jump, Jump -Jump around.

Natascha finishing strong.

Tash did great.

Team Jump Around did not podium but we did create another awesome father/daughter experience.

What a great way to invest time with one of the greatest young ladys on the planet.

Thanks Tash for sharing the fun with your pops.


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