Today is my son’s 31st birthday and I wanted to post a few pics on this blog.

Caleb was born in Davenport Iowa five days after Christmas .

When the Doctor Mc Fadden handed my son to me and said, “here is your baby boy”, I was a bit stunned as a young adult.

I remember the feeling as a 20 something not being ready for the responsibility of being a dad.

That might have been the same feeling my dad had years ago when the same doctor delivered me at the same hospital where Caleb was born (pretty cool)…..

I did not know how to be a father when I was 25 years old but some how I got the hang of it.

Father and son December 30th, 1983.

I remember one guy telling me, “A father is a thing that growls when it feels good–and laughs very loud when it’s scared half to death.”

I also remember getting as many books that I could on “How to be a good father”.  All good stuff but nothing compared to the scriptural insight the Bible gave me as I read it each day in my attempt to be a good dad for my new son .

Here are a few thoughts and scriptures that meant so much and helped me big time in my new responsibility as a father.

Well-trained is the son who can hang onto his father’s words (Prov 4:4).
Happy will be the child who cries because his dad loves him (Prov 10:12)
A wise father hates sin in order to love his son.
A good father shows the value of a book as well as a buck.
The dad who wonders how much of a teacher he needs to be would do well to go to the school of Solomon.
The man who finds a good woman should show his son how to avoid a bad one (Prov 2,5,6,7,9).
What a father knows about sex might help his children as much as surprise them (Prov 23:26-8).
A wise son makes a glad dad as much as a foolish one makes a glum mum (Prov 10:1).
Thank God for Fathers who not only gave us life but taught us what to do with it.
If you’re amazed at how hard your dad can make it for you, try it without him (Prov 15:5).

There are so many support tools for families today that we did not have back in the 1980’s.

I think one of the keys to being a successful parent is having the mindset of not just “spending” time with your children but rather “investing” time with them.


My son Caleb has become an amazing young adult and his mom and I are very proud of who he has become.

Thanks Caleb for all you have taught me.

Happy birthday.


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Twas The Night Before Christmas In Cincinnati

It was a snowy winter Christmas Eve 28 years ago tonight in beautiful Cincinnati Ohio.

Our daughter Natascha was born at Christ Hospital.

I remember how amazing the city looked at Christmas with the snow falling and my emotions full of joy.

As a young father of a new born baby girl I was full of gratitude and a sense of MORE responsibility.

Yes, a daughter was a whole new ballgame for me.

Here are a few pics of that Christmas Eve night that our family cherished together.

Hospital Santa, Brenda and Tash.

An amazing mother and child.  (Natascha means “born at Christmas” in Russian)

Caleb’s first glimpse of his “baby siser”.

28 years ago holding the best gift a dad could ask for.

Thank you Natascha for your amazing abilities,  gifts and love you bring into the world and into our lives.


Happy birthday Tash.

Love you ,


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Truckee, Telluride and the Tetons

Over the past three wedding anniversary’s, Brenda and I by accident or design have been blessed by three amaZING vacation destinations.

TRUCKEE CALIFORNIA ( 30th wedding anniversary)

TELLURIDE COLORADO (31st wedding anniversary)

TETON NATIONAL PARK IN WYOMING (32nd wedding anniversary)

Each destination was special and will hold fantastic memories and that is in part why I have this blog… help me remember these amaZING places and experiences.

I just wanted to post some photos of the past three years of anniversary adventures.

Truckee River going into Boca Lake.

This year we pushed north to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks – wow, no disappointment there. What a fantastic place.

I am guessing there were about 3000 waiting and watching Old Faithful with us. – My phone battery went dead into Ouray…The entire ride was more like 16 miles.

The Ghost town of tomboy – 3000 feet above telluride.

Thanks to the folks from Boulder who gave me a lift into Ouray from the summit. Without them it would have been a LONG ride down the hill.

Every morning we walked the pups.

My brother Gary and his wife Susie joined us for a couple of days.

Last Dollar Road moto ride

Lewis and Clark

Love the travels to some anaZING  places with my best friend and life partner.

Thanks to my parents for house/dog sitting. Pam and Roberto and Matt for the gifts of lodging.

Thanks brenda for 32 amaZING years of marriage.

One life one wife make it great.

“Don’t accumulation possessions, accumulate experiences.”  – Mark Batterson


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Getting in a few more bike miles before the move to Tennessee

Grateful for the miles we have gotten in over the past eight years here in Prescott.

We are going to attempt one more on Monday before the U Haul takes my daughter and her bike to Tennessee.

Quote of the ride.

“Go into your next season as positive as you can ….go do what your are going there to do.”

“Work at it with the end game up front” .